Storage Tips

secure property unitUseful Advice for Protecting Your Property

Use high quality locks on your unit at all times.
To prevent cutting and prying, invest in a disc-style lock with a hasp-hugging design. These locks are on sale at our office.

Be sure to store small or fragile items in furniture drawers. Using bubble wrap or packing paper, wrap these items and mark them as “FRAGILE.”

Fill boxes completely to prevent collapse when stacked. Use packing materials to stuff any open areas.

Combustible, hazardous or perishable items may not be stored in units at any time. 
Prohibited items include gasoline, paint, chemicals and food.

Drain fluids from lawn and garden equipment before storing. Avoid corrosive damage by properly cleaning before storage.

Store shovels, hoes and rakes in barrels or trash cans.

Use large appliances like stoves or refrigerators to store soft, smaller items.  Towels, blankets, etc. can be kept inside of clean, dry appliances. Refrigerator doors should be kept slightly ajar.

Store table tops on end and remove legs from table to save space.

Shield all stored items with protective covers. Use cotton or wool in lieu of vinyl or plastic to avoid damage as a result of mildew.

Store books flat. Book spines may be damaged by standing on end. Be sure not to pack too many books in one box so as not to make the box too heavy.

Be sure not to over pack boxes.  Boxes with too much content may rupture or topple when stacked.

Create a center aisle when packing your unit. Doing so will create access to all of your items. Put the items you use toward the front of the unit.

Keep you property off of concrete or asphalt floors by using cardboard mats or pallets.
Leave an air space around the perimeter of the unit.

Be careful not to store items such as pianos in the winter.
Cold weather may permanently damage this type of property.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also available for by appointment. Give us a call at or click here for rates on our storage units.

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